Working Around Issues With VEVO Video Embedding

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Facebook, Social Media, YouTube

There is nothing peskier than posting a favorite YouTube music video to your Facebook page only to get the dreaded “Embedding Disabled” message when you or a friend clicks on it. While you can still view the video by redirecting to YouTube, many of your friends will not go through the hassle and will skip viewing the video altogether.

As Google continues in their attempt to dominate the internet (and the revenue that follows), you can expect more of this sort of issue. While Google’s acquisition of YouTube dates back to 2006, it seems that they have waited until recently to really dig in with changes. The latest changes to YouTube are intended to thwart copyright infringement for musical artists and include sampling of uploaded videos to search for unauthorized use of copyrighted music tracks. In December of 2009, VEVO was created as a vehicle to control the sharing of music videos and now makes itself home to almost 30,000 music videos.

While casual YouTube viewers are unlikely to see the changes brought on by the introduction of VEVO, those of us who like to share our favorite music videos with our friends on Facebook have found that the YouTube sharing function inevitably renders the “embedding disabled” message for VEVO hosted videos. By logging in to, you will be able to search for the video that you want to share and post it without the embedding issue. Once you find it, simply click on the “SHARE” button at the top of the viewer and you will be forwarded to the familiar “sharing” screen that you normally get when sharing a YouTube video. Type in your optional message and post!

When you return to Facebook to check your video, it will appear just like any other video post with the standard video player screen. Click the “PLAY” button and the VEVO player will open within your post. The VEVO player does take a bit longer to load than the standard YouTube player, but it generates a larger viewing area with more control options. And, with very few exceptions, your VEVO video posts will be HD quality.

This simple workaround fix will make embedding VEVO-hosted music videos fool-proof again.

  1. Alberto says:

    Thank you for your helpful article.

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